MXSH23.6S MAXX COLD Select Series 23.6 cu. ft. Commercial Chest Freezer



Maxx Cold Select Series solid hinged lid chest freezers are an excellent option for safely storing frozen food products such as meat, packaged foods, ice cream, vegetables, desserts and bags of ice while keeping them at the ideal storage temperature for extended life, maintaining quality and taste, preventing freezer burn and development of ice crystals. The stored product is easily accessible when it’s time to use any of the contents. The included interior storage basket(s) helps you organize your products, so you can quickly locate and retrieve what you need. The refrigeration system is oversized so this unit can be used safely in a garage even if the temperature drops to 0°F or rises above 100°F. The hinged lid includes a lock and key to prevent unauthorized access to the contents. The freezer is sized to pull down its contents temperature level if loaded with pre-chilled products (recommended loading temperature for all products is ≤ 41°F/5°C). The freezer design will provide years of reliable operation if properly maintained.

  •  Sturdy hinged top opening lid that opens up to 90° makes access and servicing the freezer easy
  • Includes lock to provide security even if unattended
  • Double locking lids
  • Adjustable feet or caster wheel options available
  • 2 White wire storage baskets included for easy product organization
  • Can hold the contents safely for 2 days in case of a power outage
  • Holding temperature: 0° to 11°F (-24° to -18° C)
  •  Rapid temperature recovery after opening lid
  • Chest freezers hold frozen foods better than upright freezers as the cold air is retained in the storage compartment even if the lid is not fully closed
  • Interior storage compartment is made from corrosion resistant materials


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