MXBD48-2B MAXX COLD X-Series 48 inch Dual Tower Keg Cooler in Black


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Maxx Cold X-Series Keg Coolers with direct draw beer towers feature a sanitary stainless steel top and black powder coated steel exterior for durability and easy cleaning. Forced air refrigeration system distributes cold air evenly to keep contents of the cabinet cooled at the optimum temperature. Two standard 3-inch polished stainless steel draft tower dispensers are mounted to the top center of the stainless steel counter and are cooled by continuous cold air circulation through a directed cold air distribution system. This maintains a cold product and tap temperature, reducing foam when dispensing beer. Includes easy-to-access refrigerated storage area for glasses, beer steins and mugs.

  • Easy to grip recessed drawer handles
  • Adjustable heavy duty wire shelves (2 per section/door)
  • 3” (77mm) diameter stainless steel insulated beer tower
  • Insulated doors with lock and key set
  • 4” Caster Set Is Included (shorter casters are an available option)
  • Holding temperature: 34° to 41°F (1° to 5°C)
  • Self-contained forced air refrigeration system cooling the base cabinet and tower
  • Utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerant R134A
  • Stainless steel interior floor plate included to prevent damage or denting
  • Stainless steel top
  • CFC-free Polyurethane 2”/50mm insulated walls and doors
  • Slide out condensing unit for easy cleaning and servicing
  • Holds 2 kegs


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